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Early January, 2017


July 13, 2017

In poetry people are too inclined to whisper "I love you," see, because in a quiet room a person will more likely say, "I'm doing okay, better now I'm with you," while thumbing the hem of the other's t-shirt before fooling around and falling asleep in the summer afternoon to pass an hour, maybe two. Despite the dust whirling inside the AC unit, sweat soaks between their skin, naturally waking them both. One person sits up and says, "I've got to go do you have a spare toothbrush."

The other says no, and before leaving the first says, "You okay? You look sad" as they put on their shoes, taking their time tying cause something's still unsatisfactory about it all until eventually no more time can be taken and they walk to a bar down the street to meet a friend in the industry.

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Damper Pedal Draft 4


She didn’t know why he needed to take this tone with her and thought maybe he’d woken up to a text message from his ex-wife that just said “Frank, you’re a shit.” 

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