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January 4, 2018 & February 24, 2018

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November 18, 2017



Sent: November 18, 2017

Subject: (no subject)

This guy named [        ], lives up in Cold Spring, slid on ice two nights ago and went to the hospital. He couldn’t really walk – had two canes for legs, was putting one cane down then dragging his leg with his hand then the next cane then the next leg. Anyway, he ran his car into my car on the parkway yesterday morning. That’s how he and I met. He had clear blue eyes, but his skin was too pale and tired for someone born in 1968. I’m fine. My car’s totaled. It was like the road guards were playing pinball with my car and at one point I thought, when I saw [        ]'s car perpendicular in the road, “oh, this is gonna go on a while.”

The ER nurse, Mike, said my long neck worked against me this time.


Not a great story, but it’s true.


Hope you're well and have a nice Thanksgiving.

See you around, Kiddo.